Terms and Conditions

​​We have implemented the strictest cleaning and safety controls in our operation to guarantee the health and protection of both our equipment as of our clients. The shipping price for all countries except for Colombia will be $29.99 USD.


Our international shipping times are established within 6-11 working days, however, these may vary depending on the destination city.


​​To help you get our limited edition designs before they are out of stock, you can now pre-order ( where “pre-order” is available). Shipments for items available in pre-order can take 12-15 calendar days.

Availability of garments

​​Normally our website is updated with the availability of all references and sizes; however, inventory errors may occur and the garment you purchased is no longer available. In this case we will notify you by mail, WhatsApp or phone call and we will give you the option to choose another product or to receive a refund of your money.

Return and exchange policies

​​1. Changes and / or returns will be accepted within a period of up to 4 calendar days after the date of purchase.
2. Product changes and / or returns will not be processed without proof of payment.
3. Changes and / or returns may be accepted in person or domestic shipments.
4. In SALE format pieces, all sales are final, therefore exchanges or merchandise returns are not accepted.
5. To make any change and / or return valid, the product must be presented in optimal conditions for sale, keeping the box and wrappers.
6. The customer may make a maximum of two changes and / or returns per purchase ticket within the period of 4 calendar days granted. After requesting the second exchange and / or return, additional requests can no longer be processed.
7. The receipt of the product will only be allowed in conditions different from those of its original sale when the reason is for “factory defect”.
8. The buyer will pay the shipping cost when returning any item (s).
9. NO changes and / or returns apply when:

• The product is intentionally or accidentally faded or tinted
• If the garments have been damaged by misuse or neglect (exposure to chemicals, high heat, sharp objects, etc.) )
• If the garment shows any signs of wear, bad odor, sweating, makeup, etc.
• The product appears damaged or altered intentionally or by accident.

The useful life of any product ANTHIAS depends on how you use it. Products damaged by normal wear and tear or that have exceeded the reasonable life of the product will not be replaced.

Valid factory defects

Factory that will be taken as valid when you want to request a change and / or return for this reason are:
• Unstitched from a site or any of its components
• Defect of material or any element of the product ( closures, buttons, accessories, etc.)
• Some of its elements do not work (closures, elastics, technologies, etc.)


The customer may request a change in size, model or both, of any product and may do so for the total amount of his purchase, or:
a) If the change is for a lower priced product (s), the client will be able to make up the difference by adding an accessory so that he or she does not lose the remaining amount. In no case does the delivery of cash apply for the remaining amounts generated by the change.
b) If the change is for a higher-priced product (s), the customer may settle the amount in cash